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    MIGI Srl - Integrated Power System


MIGI SRL is an Italian company, founded with the objective to develop and manufacture innovative multifunctional machinery.
This consents saving time and effort in regards to moving and transportation of the various equipment; in this way, it consents to save on the effort of human resources. This translates into a substantial benefit for the operator since the physical effort is limited to moving only one piece of equipment.
With these principles in mind, we have developed a performance leader at the top of its class that is also compact and easy to transport.


Our machines components have been selected following careful and rigorous market research so to guarantee the best performance and durability in time. The majority of the materials used are manufactured by Italian production affirmed by years in research & development of performance and material quality. The endothermic engines are selected from the biggest manufacturers in the world, with the security of having the best performances consants in time and the assurance of finding the spare parts easily and in any place.
Our product range is standard, CE approved and able to satisfy the most extensive needs coming from national or foreign customers.

 Eco Friendly

Thanks to the system, the selectable functions (power generator, air compressor, power washer, welding unit, and hydraulic unit) are activated only when their specific use is needed. This feature allows considerable energy savings to the endothermic engine. Our studies demonstrate, for example, that for 1 hour of machine work time while using a function, savings on fuel can reach 20% compared to a traditional electric system plugged to the moto-compressor generator.
Essentially, this is the big innovation behind our machines!


The applications are multiple, but, in first plan, it is given priority to the mechanical garage of the light-weight and hevy-weight auto-repairers that need continous compreesed air and current for the equipment in order to perform an efficient intervention.
Them, with the assistance vehicles, invervent in places and on street with our machines of compact dimensions and weight, resolving problematics of various entities. Also, our machines are at disposition of those who find in it the right collocation in their activity!



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Address: Via Cortolet 19 - 33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) - Italy

Tel.: +39 0432 746434

E-mail: info@migisrl.com


Tel.: +39 0432 746434
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Via Cortolet 19 - 33048
San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) Italy


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